Gear Chain Industrial B.V.
a Tarasconweg 13
5627 GB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
t +31 (0) 40 2906801
f +31 (0) 40 2906804

gci_pulleypartsGear Chain Industrial B.V. is an independent and privately owned company. It was founded in The Netherlands in 1992. GCI’s main activities are in the field of research and development of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT’s). Our business involves licensing of our own technology and besides that, we are committed to delivering projects focused on the energy or automotive industry.

Our main invention is the GCI-chain. This high-torque chain is used as the heart of all our CVT developments. GCI cooperates with the major automotive industries and OEMs. Besides that we are involved in research projects with several universities around the world on topics like conventional CVT’s, CVT Hybrids and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.





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