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Application of a CVT in a wind turbine has long been a dream of wind turbine developers.

blythTo extract the maximum amount of energy from the wind, the rotor of a wind turbine has an optimal rotation speed for each wind speed. Since the wind speed is variable in nature, the rotation speed of the rotor varies as well, while the wind turbine must deliver AC power with a fixed phase and frequency to the electricity grid. To match the grid requirements, current wind turbines incorporate complex electrical systems, which are expensive and have a limited efficiency. When using a mechanical CVT, the wind turbine can do without these electric systems, thereby improving its efficiency and profitability.
High power chain or belt CVTs for industrial applications are currently not on the market.  Development of an efficient innovative CVT chain by the company Gear Chain Industrial B.V. enables the construction of high power CVTs.

This project has been made possible with the support of the European Union, The Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Dutch Province Noord-Brabant.

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