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A complete test rig unit has been delivered and installed at the GCI office in Eindhoven.

After months of preparation engineers from the company Technogerma Systems in Darmstadt (Germany) installed a new test rig unit at the office of Gear Chain Industrial in Eindhoven. The autonomous test rig container unit which is suitable to be placed indoors as well as outdoors, contains all the necessary installations such as electric motors, frequency convertors, air ventilation systems, oil conditioning units and a fire extinguishing system. The complete rig has been designed and tailor made to the specifications of GCI.

TGS-0928_bigThe new containerized test rig makes it possible to perform all kinds of tests on CVT components with speeds of up to 10.000 rpm and continuous powers of up to 210 kW. The automated test rig control unit allows to perform long durability tests 24 hours a day without supervision.
The power recirculation system re-uses the energy that is captured on the output side of the rig. In this way the energy consumption of the rig is strongly reduced.

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