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GCI Chain

gci-technology-chainThe GCI Chain combines unlimited torque capacity with low noise radiation and high efficiency, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption. Another major advantage of our chain is its low manufacturing cost.

Features of the GCI Chain:

  • Low noise radiation
  • High torque capacity
  • Low specific weight
  • High mechanical efficiency
  • Small minimum running radius
  • High ratio span
  • Robust against overload, mistreatment and misalignment

GCI Chains can be applied in...

gci-technology-transmissionVehicles: motor cycles, passenger cars, vans, busses, medium- and heavy duty trucks up to 3000 Nm

Industrial applications: off-road equipment, trains, marine propulsion, wind mills, power generators for 1 Megawatt and higher...

Transmission design

We also design complete custom (CVT-) transmissions. Our pulleys are optimized in cost and simplicity. The result is a very stiff pulley design, allowing highly efficient mass production for our customers.

Hybrid vehicles

gci-technology-hybridA Continuously Variable Transmissions is a key component in a hybrid drive train. Using CVT hybrid technology the fuel consumption of a vehicle can be reduced significantly. With our partner University of California in Davis (USA) we are involved in the development of various hybrid drive systems.

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